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Welcome New Applicants!

The following are our New Applicants starting November 21:

Elizabeth MacGuidwin, MD - Lee Health

Roger Eduardo, MD - Surgical Healing Arts Center

Arno Loeffler, MD - LPG Convenient Care

Damian Maxwell, MD - LPG Pediatric Surgery

Bianca de Souza, MD - Regional Cancer Center

Morris Gieselman, MD - LPG Convenient Care

Ravi Chokshi, MD - LPG OB/GYN

Nicole Wilson, DO - LPG Convenient Care

Bradley Wilson, DO - LPG Convenient Care

Aaron Josephson, DO - LPG Hospitalist Group

Tuan Phan, MD - LPG Convenient Care

Scott Patterson, DO - LPG Trauma Surgery

Rachel Wykes, MD - LPG OB/GYN

Neetu Malhotra, MD - Associates in Nephrology

Mitko Badov, MD - LPG Hospitalist Group

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